Hello! Welcome to my About Me page!

Hi, my name is Courtney Wiley and I am a first year engineering student intending to major in Material Science and Engineering, with a minor in computer programming. I chose this major because I am interested in how different molecular structures can change the properties of a material on the macro scale. I took AP Chemistry in high school and what first drew me to materials was the way that carbons could make soft, graphite pencils, and carbon nanotubes, just depending on the molecular structure of the carbons.

The job I currently work at is ran by my sister's boyfriend. He has an Etsy shop where we make customizable key-chains. It is very specific work, because we handstamp everything so you must line up every stamp just right and know how much pressure to hit the stamp with, but the work is very rewarding. Many of these orders that we fill, especially as it nears the end of the year, are presents for other people. I think its really cool seeing people give feedback on the shop saying the person who received the gift loved it and would order another one!

photo of courtney

Some classes I am excited to take at NCSU:

  1. PHI 221: Conteporary Moral Issues
  2. ENG 267: LGBTQI Literature in the US
  3. E 304: Introduction to Nanoscience and Technology
  4. CH 435: Introduction to Quantum Chemistry

NCSU Clubs/Organizations

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Engineers Without Borders link