Christopher's Profile

My name is Christopher McCaskill and I am a student at NC State University. As a freshman, I am currently in Engineering First-Year with an Aerospace Engineering Intent. The reason I am shooting for a Aerospace Engineering Degree is that I want to play a part in space exploration. In middle school, I took a career survey and the first choice that came out was Aerospace Engineering and, after doing a little bit of research, I soon became really interested in the field. Interested enough to go to a competition last year at a local college and win against the other highschoolers in the area.

My favorite hobby, ironically enough, is to build contraptions capable of flight. Ever since day one at NC State, I took interest in Aerial Robotics Club which gives me the opportunity to invest more time into this hobby. Already, the club has spent many hours on designing a new airplane, called Fenrir, for the SUAS competition. The SUAS competition, where we fly the UAV we have been building at NC State, is in June and will be in Maryland at a Navy Base. I am attending to further satisfy my interests in aerospace.

Favorite Article NASA link

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Class Expected Grade (or pass fail)
Calculus 3 A
Physics I -A
Physics I Lab +A
Foundation of Graphics A
College Student Development B+
Intro World Archaeology B+
Computing Enviroment P
Bowling P
Balsa Wood Airplane