Welcome. Computers hurt my head.

My name is Carson Popper and I am a Freshman. I am a Construction Engineer major. I chose this major because I have always been interested in large construction projects and also because I like building things. I am more interested in Construction Engineering over Civil, because construction is more on the job conveying the plans to the ones building the structure rather than making the plans. I hope that I will be able to CODA into this major.

My favorite hobby is surfing. Growing up in Wilmington really enabled me to pursue this hobby. Leaving the coast and transitioning to State has been difficult, because I can't do something that I have done since I was a young boy. Luckily the drive is less than 2 hours and I am able to go home if the surf is good on the weekend. I have also been very fortunate to surf in a few different countries which has exposed me to different cultures and learn about these different cultures.

MSW logo I won't get a job with this
  1. Buy ingredients
  2. Preheat oven
  3. Prepare Pizza
  4. Bake Pizza
Course Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 B
Calculus 141 A
Engineering 101 A
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