My name is Jack Puryear, although I go by "J-$."

This is so true

Major, University, and Graduation Date

My intended major is Chemical Engineering. I go to NC State University and I should graduate in 2020. Also, I don't know how to write a paragraph based on just that information without talking about the content of paragraph 2. I'm hoping by "paragraph" all it meant was to use the syntax.

Why and What?

I want to do this because I really like the challenge of green energy and photovoltaic cells especially interest me. I hope to be able to work in a company that develops and implements new photovoltaic cell technologies to help deal with our decreasing supplies of oil. Same deal here, not trying to be super cheap, but I answered the question and I'm not sure how much more I should add. Hopefully you find this funny and if it wasn't really the amount of information you wanted you will have some mercy because I suck at this and wasn't sure what to do.

Class Course Title Semester
Chemistry CH 101 1
Physics PY 205 1
Quantitative Chemistry CH 201 2
Ultimate Frisbee (will be useful for in-office competitions later HEST 266 2
Calc III MA 242 2