My name is Cameron Strapp. Welcome!

My name is Cameron Strapp and I am a Freshman at North Carolina State University. The major I have chosen to pursue is aerospace engineering. I chose to do aerospace engineering for multiple reasons; however, mainly because I think I would enjoy it. I have always found planes interesting and have been drawn especially to military aircraft due to my families involvement in the military. I hope to use the knowledge I learn to protect our soldiers and make this country a safer place.

One of my hobbies I enjoy is playing soccer. I have played soccer since I was five years old and competed at a classic level. I am currently involved in an intramural soccer team at NC State which is captained by Joey DiSerafino. Our team name is the Wu Tang Clams. I plan to try out for the club team in the spring as long as I have time to play along with all of my schoolwork and keeping up with my job.

Panorama of me in Ireland
  1. Call Papa Johns
  2. Tell them you want a meat lovers pizza
  3. Give them your location
  4. Pay Papa Johns
Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
HESS 245 S
MA 241 B
CH 101 A
CH 102 A+
E 101 A+
ENG 101 B-
Me playing soccer