Colin's E115 Homework Webpage

My name is Colin Woolard. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I chose this major out of interest in the field and the requirement faced by Air Force. I hope to one day become a pilot for the US Air Force. Hopefully piloting a B-2 Bomber, I feel that a college degree in Aerospace Engineering will help my chances.

My favorite thing to do during a break woud be to go back home. There, see family, my corgis, and just enjoy the time off. During my breaks at home, I often play airsoft (it is similar to paintball in some regards but less messy). This is a great stress reliever and I always have an amazing time. There's no place like home.


My feelings towards March Madness are always quite dynamic but predictable every year. After filling out my brackets, I am filled with excitement and pride over my advancement of teams throughout the tournament. Once the first round of games start, my feelings towards the madness begin to teeter. The team I had put my heart and soul into throughout the year will not make it to the final four but lose their first game. In fact I lose around 75% of the matches due to upsets. Come Sweet 16, my bracket has been completely busted, and I pay little attention to the rest of the games.

Ohhh Yeahhh Cat"

Creation on the Best Sandwich Ever!

  1. Toast honey wheat bread till surface starts to become crispy
  2. Spread thin layer chipotle mayonaise of both pieces of bread
  3. Layer black forest ham, turkey, and roast beef with slice of provolone cheese on top
  4. Melt cheese in toaster oven
  5. Slice avocado, place on top and serve

Expected Grades

Class Grade
Naval History B
Chemistry 101 A
Calculus I A
Economics A