All that glitters is not gold

Hi. I'm Carolina Zhang, and I'm currently a freshman in the First Year College. I've long since decided that I want to major in electrical engineering, which is what I'm aiming to matriculate into my sophomore year. I chose electrical engineering as a major because I've been interested in programming since I was in middle school - as I got older, I began to consider ways that programming could be used outside of simply a hobby. Like many of my peers, I aim to make an impact on society. I want to be a part of a change in the world's source of energy while simultaneously doing something I love.

I love writing. It's something that I started looking into when I was bored in middle school, and the interest and passion I have for it has only grown over time. Writing isn't just an outlet for my ideas, it's a way to allow my imagination to roam free and share it with anyone who reads what I write. People say that writing isn't an art, but I disagree - in a way, words that are written can create imagery reminiscent of any painter's greatest masterpiece.

MY TEST SITE: STARSHINE It’s a nice day for a RÉSUMÉ

How to make an Egg and Cheese Sandwich

  1. Put two slices of Whole Wheat Bread in the toaster
  2. Place a slice of cheese on one slice of bread
  3. Toast until crispy or slightly burnt
  4. Fry one egg with salt, pepper and/or garlic powder
  5. Assemble sandwich with Melted cheese on the very bottom and egg in the middle.
  6. Eat.
Course Expected Grade
EC 205 A
MA 241 A
EMA 265 A-