welcome to my really nice looking website that I made. If you dont know me my name is charles zhu and i am having a blast leraning how to code for hte first time in the html and it feels pretty good and I dont know what I am doing half of the time but good thing is that I have this handy dandy e115 orgsync textbook btw I loves it and how to codes so enjoy this website I made lel xd :OOOO

My name is the Charles Zhu. I am graducating in the class of 2021. I am in the computer engineering intent. I chose this major because I love computers and the smell of the computers. I worked with mostly embedded systems and my dad is a computer supplier. so i have some first hand experince with helping him build embedded systems and helping build computers plis no h8 or db8. :>

I had a job that I worked in teh summer of my junior year in summer of 2016. I worked at a technology company and I was responsible for the testing of the minature heat printers and minature scannars. These compartments were then put into a casino type betting machine with a touchscreen lcd that my team of 3 helped build. Since there was limited space in which teh motherboard had to fit, we had to use an embedded design for the motherboard and the power supply. This is where I got to work with embedded systems and the idea of microprocessors. We usually had to build 5 a day. It was fun and a great experience. :>

most interesting classes that I took at the NC state:

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