NCSU WWW4 Archive

Favorite pages

There are so many pages on the www4 (9317 pages actually); it'd be hard for you to sort through them all. I looked over a lot of the pages as they were being archived and compiled a list of my absolute favorites.

Unity ID Notes

A collection of rants written by blue; discerning essays and opinions written between 2003 and 2008.

[2/4/2018 15:28] <@prettyboy-yumi> but he writes like a girl!

Thoughtful catalogue of plants; largest site on the www4


Old-school startpage for an OIT sysop


Webpage for some class; author tends to write too self-aware but still one of the more entertaining sites on www4


Lovingly edited video featuring a girl rollerskating


Virtual tour of the stewart theatre; very creative and the tour plays like a point-and-click adventure


Farmboy on the Internet


I love all of this art, esp. anything with flowers


Very clean, well-designed set of pages


Medieval literature; in love with the color palette


A few paragraphs with some interesting personality


S/O this guy because I stole a wallpaper from this page


HTML Tables at their finest; Chinese text and paper engineering


"Webmaster-o-matic". Collection of old hyperlinks around the NCSU Electrical / Computer Engineering department web


"Storm" from X-Men fan-boy site, also some things about tornadoes and movie reviews. Author obv. knows something about web-design


High-contrast personal site for a meteorology major; last updated 2000


Well-designed site for EC 205Q Fundamentals of Economics Fall 2004


"C4 Central", a C4 Corvette enthusiast site


3 poems hidden in one verse; creative use of web technology


Flat design, 20XX

"Using the IE 5+ to get the best appearance"

Associate professor site last updated May 14, 2001


Okay first of all this guy's ID does not even match his name. Tenshi means angel in Japanese. If someone can explain how I can change my unity ID I would be very grateful.




Critical Analysis of Girl Talk, DJ / remix artist


It feels like a website that would be made in 1995


William's Web Page on Computers and Bikes

There are lots of other www4 pages that are still out there, so I encourage you to click around this site and find the still-hidden gems!