Welcome, you are about to read a little bit of information about me, Drew Alley, so get excited!!!!

Hello, my name is Drew Alley, I am a freshman here at NC State. I am undecided on my major exactly at this point in time. I believe that I will be pursuing a degree in Economics with a minor in Business Administration. I originally had planned to go into engineering but after my first semester and half way through my second semester I decided engineering isn't for me. I like the business aspect of the world instead of the science side. Business issues click with me much easier than science related issues.

My favorite animal is none other than the wolf. I go to NC State therefore I am a part of the wolfpack. I like the wolf because they travel in packs and are never alone, and I like to be around my friends a lot and chill with them as if we are our own wolfpack. Also, the wolf looks super mean and aggressive when it is angry. I like this because it shows that it is an animal that can scare other animals. Which means that it is a bad to the bone animal.

My favorite website is twitter logo
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Or you can visit my second favorite site Facebook.

Steps to make a pizza

  1. flatten out dough
  2. add sauce and distribute evenly
  3. add cheese and any other desired toppings
  4. bake for the appropriate amount of time
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
Calculus 241 A-
Physics 205 B+

Here is a picture of my favorite animal that I mentioned earlier. wolf