Let Me Tell You About Me!

My name is Diego Barcenas. I'm a freshman in the College of Engineering intending on studying Electrical and Computer Engineering. I originally thought about studying Computer Science but decided I wanted to try Electrical and Computer Engineering first. I chose Electrical and Computer Engineering because I've always had an interest in computers. When I found out I could easily major in Electrical Engineering I decided it would be in my best interest to dual major.

My favorite hobby is playing video games online with my friends. We mostly play League of Legends, a game in which you play against others to try to destroy each others base. We play League because there are an extremely large variety of playable champions all with different abilities and role within the game. Because of this immense amount of variety every game that you play against others feels different and new from the last game you played. We all have our prefered roles and sometimes team up to play against another group of five to see how we rank against other players.


Here is my Resume

How to order a Chick-fil-A Sandwhich at the Atrium

  1. Leave your dorm and make your way to the Atrium on the Brickyard
  2. Enter the building. If you intend on taking it to go, step to the side and pick up a plastic bag on your right when you enter
  3. Follow the signs towards the back of the Atrium and to the Chick-fil-A section
  4. Pick your prefered sandwhich and proceed to the cash registers
  5. That's it! Enjoy!

My Expected Grades in Calculus II, Physics and ECE109

Class Expected Grade
Calculus II B
Physics C
ECE109 B+
League of Legends