Welcome to my NCSU Webpage!

Hello, my name is Dustin Allen Cishek! I am Junior here at NCSU majoring in Computer Engineering with a concentration in microprocessing. I have decided recently to take up a minor in Nano-technology to help pursue my interests in microprocessing. I have always been good with computers from both hardware and software aspects. Getting this degree will give me the knowledge and experience to get a career in the field I love.

I am an avid gamer. I enjoy console gaming but pc gaming is my passion. I even built my own gaming rig and have it hooked up to my 50" TV. I play anything from RPGs to FPSs, on-line or off-line. Favorite game would be Guild Wars 2. I enjoy it the most because of the different styles of game play incorporated that gives the player overall better experience.

Favorite Website
My NCSU Webpage!!

How to make an Italian BMT

  1. Cut two slices of a Italian bread
  2. Place the ham, salami, and pepperoni on one slice of bread
  3. Put lettace, tomatoe, red onions and banana peppers ontop of the meat
  4. Put the mayo and spicy mustard on the other slice of bread
  5. Put the sandwich together and you are ready to eat!

My current classes and expected grades!

Class Name Expected Grade
E109 B+
CSC 226 B
E 201 A+
E 115 S
ECE 200 A
E 304 B+

My Gaming PC