Delaney Clatterbuck

My name is Delaney Clatterbuck and I am in the NCSU class 2017 with a major in electrical engineering. I chose this major because I have always been good at math and problem solving. Since society is constantly thriving through innovation and technology, the world will always have a demand for engineers. Because of this, I will have an employment advantage when I graduate. I also have an interest in industrial engineering, because it involves some business.

My favorite break from school is Christmas break. During this time I get to drive up to Kentucky to visit my brother and the rest of my family. My grandma makes a big dinner and we al exchange gifts. Then I get to go to my other side of the family and do it all over again.

Play Games!
  1. make dough
  2. spread out dough
  3. put sauce on top
  4. put on cheese
  5. put in oven
Class Grade
MA141 B
COM112 A
HI298 A