Welcome to the Story of my Life

My name is Demetrius DeSilva but I prefer to go by my middle name, Ameer. I am a freshmen from Huntersville, NC and I intend to major in chemical engineering and possible double major in paper science depending on whether or not I like it. I choose chemical engineering because ever since I was a little kid I wanted to be a chemist because I thought that the job was to only mix random stuff until something exploded. Once I learned that there was actual structure to chemistry and not just free to do whatever you wanted I decided to look into the processes more. Come high School I was a member of the academy of engineering in which I took four engineering classes and discovered that I wanted to pursue a career in engineering. Once I had chosen to do engineering I had no idea what kind of engineering I wanted to do, after taking chemistry in the 11th grade I decided to go with chemical engineering and now here I am at NC State.

My favorite hobby is playing sports. I have been playing sports for the majority of my life starting when I was 4 I began playing tee-ball and soccer at the local YMCA. I stopped playing soccer after a couple of years but continued to play baseball until I was 10, during those years I also played a little bit of basketball and did some karate but baseball was the main sport that I played. When I was 10 my family moved to North Carolina and I stopped playing baseball and picked up football. I played football until my junior year of high school and that was it. My freshmen year I began playing rec league soccer with some friends and by my senior year I was on the Varsity team. Also during high school I played tennis for two years and got a varsity letter in both years. Since I've been at State I have played one season of IM soccer and usually try to go to carmichael once a week and play basketball.

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  1. Get two slices of bread (not the butts)
  2. Get peanut butter, Nutella, and a knife
  3. Using said knife spread peanut butter and nutella on the bread
  4. Put the two slices of bread together so that the nutella and peanut butter are touching.
  5. Get a glass of milk and a bag of cheeto puffs to compliment the sandwich
  6. Class Grade
    Chem101 A-
    MA111 A
    CH102 A
    E101 A+
    E115 S
    Sports pic