Welcome to My not as Humble Page

My name is Devin Halvorsen. My intended graduation year is 2019. My intended major is Biomedical Engineering. I chose biomedical engineering because I intend to develop medical instruments. I also intend to develop materials that can be implemented within the body.

My FAVOURITE HOBBY is technical theatre. I really enjoy being in the theatre, running shows, and meeting new people in the theatre program. I really enjoy all aspects of technical theatre. However, my favourite aspect is stage management. In the past, I have been the stage manager for several shows, as well as the assistant stage manager for several shows. I am currently being trained in running lights, and I intend to learn how to run sound in the near future.

Laser Wolf


  1. Gotta have that good dough though
  2. Tomato sauce, boss!
  3. Cheese for days
  4. Ham and bacon on that pie
Class Expected Grade
E115 A
ES100 A
CH101 A

Stewart Theatre