Welcome to my webpage! Homework 5a

Hello, my name is Devin Johnson. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University
I have chosen to major in Chemical Engineering. I have chosen this because I like how
chemistry is the base to all living and non-living things. Also chemistry combined with
engineering creates a multitude of possibilities for my career.

During college there are a lot of opportunities to get away from campus. One of these opportunities
would be breaks from school. Recently I went on fall break and took a trip to New York. It was lots of fun.
It also was a lot of walking. My shoes started to fall apart and my feet began to hurt badly. But it was worth
It because of the time I was able to spend with my friends and family.

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  1. Make Dough
  2. Spread Dough
  3. Lather on Tomato Sauce
  4. Put on Optional Toppings
  5. Bake
  6. Enjoy!

Class Grade
MA 241 A
E 115 S
E 101 A

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