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My name is you couldn't tell already is David Jones and I am a freshman. The major I am planning to pursue is Mechanical Engineering. The reason I decided on Mechanical Engineering is because of how much I love fiddling with machines and making things run. From a young age, I love to create things, whether it was houses in the woods or machines out of Legos. I figured that if I was able to major in a subject that allowed me to continue this passion of tinkering, that'd be awesome! Mechanical Engineering allows me to do just that so it seemed like the only obvious choice.
My favorite hobby would have to be working on my bike. I am big into cycling and my bike gets a lot of use so, eventually, things need to be worked on. Most if the time it's replacing shifting and breaking cable and their housing which isn't too bad. Some of the tougher stuff is tuning the derailleurs to get my shifting and quick and crisp as possible. Every once in a while, if I'm unlucky, I'll have to replace a flat tire which isn't too fun. However, truing the wheels, which can be quite a pain, is also nice a meditating...as long as everything goes smoothly.

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Bike Mechanic
Class Grade
MA141 A
CH101 B-
ENG101 A+
IS200 B+