Welcome to my XHTML Page

My name is Dajon Lacey. I am a first year who plans to major in computer science. I choose this major because I have an deep interest with software. Software is cool and coding is cool. Writing code is fun, when there isn't a pointless task behind it. Writing software is awesome when your not forced to write a useless 5 sentence paragraph.
My favourite hobby is learning behind the beauty of fighting and it's many different forms. I learn wrestling when I was in high school. I'm learning boxing currently as I attend NC State. I'm currently seeking to learn as much martial arts as possible. Maybe I'll get a chance to fully use it on all the people who loves useless paragraphs.
soft black organism
  1. "steal bread from the store"
  2. "steal cheese from the store"
  3. "steal home from the store"
  4. "add cheese to home and put in bread. Now your finish"

Spring Semester Classes Spring Semester Grades
Chem 101 A-
Calc 241 B+
E 145 A+
cyber fight