My name is Daniel Liu, I am a freshman and I am a first year engineer with an intention of aerospace engineering. I chose aerospace engineering because it is a field that has the potential to let me design and test things of an interesting topic. This is important to me because purely theoretical fields of study do not interest me. While I enjoy hands on tasks, engineering disciplines such as civil engineering do not interest me. Aerospace engineering provides a good balance between design, theory, and interest.

While my hobbies often change over time, my current hobby is building and improving computers. I have built my own computer and continually improved it over the last two and a half years. I have also helped my brother and friend build their own computers. Unfortunately, it is an expensive hobby that I cannot do often but constantly think about it. Recently I have been thinking of parts that I could 3D print.

The reddit alien Extended essay
  1. Knead dough
  2. Roll out dough
  3. Lay out pizza sauce
  4. Put down sausage, mushroom, bacon, spinach, and pepperoni.
  5. Put on cheese
  6. Bake
  7. Enjoy
Course Name Expected Grade
E 115 S
EC 201 A
CH 201 B
My GPU! :)