Hello! My name is David Lovato, and yes, I am related to the Pop-star Demi Lovato. As a freshman at NC State, I am presently pursuing a double major in Chemical Engineering and Paper Science, although I am considering other majors such as Biochemistry or Finance. When I was in high school, I was absolutely fascinated by physics and chemistry and since I excelled in both subjects, I thought that Chemical Engineering would be a good fit for me. But what about the Paper Science degree? I must admit that I never thought I would major in Paper Science, but since they offered a scholarship to pursue both a Paper Science degree and a Chemical Engineering degree, I figured I might as well try it out. However, I am still also considering Biochemistry because it combines Biology and Chemistry, which are two subjects I really like. Finally, I have always been interested in managing money and crunching numbers, and with my brother and father in the financial industry, I am still thinking about becoming a Finance major.

My favorite hobby is probably listening to music. I listen to music everyday, and try to do so as much as a I can. Music has many forms, styles, and can match whatever mood you are feeling. Feeling sad? Listen to some sad music, whatever you like. Feeling awesome?! Listen to happy and upbeat music! Music can also be therapeutic and relaxing in times of stress, as well as inspiring and motivating, among many other characteristics. All these reasons and more are why I love to listen to music and incorporate it throughout my day.

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  1. Acquire two slices of bread, peanut butter, a knife, and a banana
  2. Chop up the peeled banana into small slices no more than .2 inches thick
  3. Cover the one side of each slice of bread with peanut butter
  4. Place chopped banana pieces on to the peanut butter sides of the bread
  5. Stick pieces of bread together with peanut side sticking to the peanut side of the other slice
  6. Enjoy
Class Grade
Chem 101 A+
Calc 3 A+
Eng 101 B+
Guy listening to music