Welcome to my website for Homework 5a

My name is Douglas Moore and I am an Engineering First Year student with a Biomedical Engineering intent. I knew ever since I was a little kid that I wanted to make a differnce in the world and as I grew up, being an engineer just seemed like the right path. I liked math and science and I was really good at all of the subjects I took in school. Biomedical Engineering captures the passion I have for everything; academics and helping people that cannot do it themselves. My interest in BME really sparked my junior year in highschool. It was during that time that I was head volunteer at a medical equipment department at a major hosptal in Charlotte and I took a Biomedical class in highschool. It is because of the things I experienced my junior year, I became interesting in Biomedical Engineering.

My favorite break from school was this last summer break. It was the best feeling graduating highschool to have the entire summer to look forward to college at NCSU. I got to go to the beach, see my family and friends, and get a little RnR before starting my first year of college. It was even better because I went to Equidor and the Galapogos Islands which was a one of a kind experience. I wouldnt trade last summer for anything.


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How to order pizza

  1. Become very hungry and lazy simultaneously
  2. Look up the number for your favorite pizza restaurant.
  3. Call this restaurant and order your favorite pizza.
  4. When the pizza delivery man gets to the door, pay him(and tip him for helping you out in a tough situation)
  5. Enjoy

Class Expected Grades Days
E115 Pass W
MA141 C+ M W
E101 A+ W