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My name is David Morris, but I usually go by Andy. Currently, I am a freshman in the engineering program and I am planning on studying industrial engineering specifically. I am choosing this major because it has a promising starting salary for those with industrial engineering degrees coming right out of college and also because I find it very interesting. This major is full of learning and career opportunities that other majors cannot offer. I am extremely interested in doing a co-op session with companies in the industrial engineering field. Doing this will allow me to gain valuable work experience in this field. Along with the co-op, I also plan to take part at least one internship with an industrial engineering company.

My favorite hobby is playing sports. In high school, I only played one sport for my school, baseball. However, I always enjoyed getting together with some of my friends and playing football, basketball, or ultimate frisbee, and I still enjoy it today. Playing sports is an excellent way to stay in shape, which is something that I am very fond of doing. Not only is playing sports a way to stay healthy, but it is a great way to meet new people. I have met many of my friends from playing sports throughout my lifetime, and I plan to make many more as I continue to play intramural sports here at NCSU. If anyone is looking to meet new people, or just to have fun, I would highly recommend that they go play a pick-up game with some friends.

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How to make my favorite sandwich

  1. bread
  2. ham
  3. cheese
  4. turkey
  5. more ham
  6. bread
Class Grade
CH 101 A
MA 141 B+
E 101 A