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My name is Daniel Ricketts and I am a freshman at NC State University and I am currently undecided in my major, however my top choices are aerospace/mechanical, nuclear, and environmental. I am interested in aerospace and mechanical because my inspiration for pursuing engineering comes from Iron Man, but was also nurtured by working on machinery, namely my car and the Zamboni at the ice rink where I worked in high school. Nuclear engineering is another interest that I received from Iron Man, I believe that the arc reactor that was in his chest is the future of energy production. Harnessing fusion energy holds the potential to completely eliminate the need for fossil fuels, and would theoretically be completely clean and renewable. Environmental engineering first piqued my interest after learning about ReGen Villages, a company whos goal is to create completely self sufficient and carbon neutral communities to compensate for the rapidly expanding population. Unless we deal with population growth, the expanding masses will worsen our impact on the environment, making it even harder to correct the damage we have already done.

I worked at the Greensboro Ice House from the summer before my senior year in high school until just before coming to NC State, and I will likely work there again over winter break. While at the Ice House, I worked at the front register, at the skate rental, and at the snack bar. I was also the unofficial "blood guy," meaning that I patched up quite a few lacerations that come with having children equipped with foot blades on a slick surface. This experience taught me to be calm when dealing with blood, and that the first step in dealing with a bloody injury is to tell the bloodied person that "its not bad," because a panicked person is hard to stitch. Another wonderful experience I had while at the Ice House was driving and working on the jury-rigged nightmare that was the Zamboni.

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Most interesting classes that I want to take

  1. CSC 113
  2. E 102
  3. MAE 200
  4. PY 208

Clubs I want to join

Club Website
Aerial Robotics Club aerialroboticsclub.com
Rocketry Club ncsurocketry.com