A Little More About Me.

My name is David Alexander Ross. I am currently a first year freshman at NCSU. The major I intend on joining is Civil Engineering. Civil Engineering is very exciting to me, because I love to see structures being built. The chose Civil Engineering for a a lot of different reasons, some of which are I love being outside, I love huge buildings and structures, and lastly I wanted to major in a different engineering from my dad and also my cousin.

My favorite hobby is playing the guitar. I took guitar lessons for two years, until I quit to come to college. I love to just sit around and play my old, vintage acoustic guitar. I especially love playing bluegrass music, because that is the music I grew up with. Every Thursday night, a group of people would come over to my house and just pick some music, which has helped me further my knowledge of the art of playing guitar.

wolf Resume
  1. Go online to papa johns
  2. Choose make pizza
  3. Put favorite toppings pepperoni, cheese, peppers, olives, and lots of beef
  4. place order, check out, and wait
Class Expected Grade
SOC 205 C-
ES 100 C
MA 141 C+