Welcome to My Page About Me!

Hello all!, This is Dana Shrader one of a multitude of freshmen here at NC State. At the moment I am trying to decide between two different types of engineering. I am either going to go into electrical engineering or materials science and engineering. I found that electrical engineering could be rather interesting as I enjoy learning new math and electrical engineering requires plenty of math. I also like messing with circuits and seeing how I can put them together to get a simple result. I also am considering materials science and engineering because I believe that it would be interesting to find the best materials to make everything work the best.

If I had to pick a favorite hobby, it would be playing games with my friends. We usually play video games online so we can all communicate. I enjoy being able to stay in contact with all of them even when they are at different colleges. It is a more rare happening than it was during high school but when we can all get together and play some games, it is a good time. Many would not think playing games is a hobby yet it is an excellent way to relieve stress and keep up a social life.

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How to: Simple Sandwich
  1. Get white or wheat bread
  2. Put generous Miracle Whip onto one side of bread
  3. Put mustard on other side
  4. Put slice of swiss cheese on one side
  5. Put pickles on swiss chees
  6. Layer on meat like ham or turkey
  7. Put lettuce on
  8. Close sandwich
Class Expected Grade
MA141 A
E115 S
CH101 A
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Here is a much smaller link to the ever popular YouTube