Welcome to Diego Souza's Page

My name is Diego Souza. I am currently a freshman at North Carolina State University. I intend to major in Construction Engineering.
I have always been interested in how buildings are constructed and this is why i chose this major. I would like to have a career where
i could work in a big city and be able to help build innovative buildings. I also plan on starting my own construction company at some point.

My favorite break from school is summer break. Over the break i get to spend alot of time with my family on vacations and relaxing.
We usually take several mini vacations which i really enjoy. I like going to the beach because i can spend time swimming and also fishing.
We also go to New York which happens to be my favorite city besides my hometown, Asheville. In addition summer is my favorite time of year
because the weather is nice. I also enjoy having time off from school and being able to relax.

    How to order a Pizza
  1. go to the gumbys website
  2. sign in to your account
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class expected grade
Ch 101 A-
English 101 A+
E101 A