David's E115 Homework 5a

My name is David Wooden and I am currently and freshman. My intended major is some sort of engineering although I am not sure what specialization yet. I chose to do engineering because my dad is an engineer and I have always been exposed to that sort of thing and found it interesting. I am interested in going into either industrial engineering or civil engineering. I find the business aspect of industrial engineering very interesting as well as the supply chain and transportation specialization. I also find the transportation part of civil very interesting.

My favorite break from school was summer break in 2011. I went to Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico and backpacked over 80 miles over the course of 10 days with some of my closest friends. We started out in Charlotte, NC and then flew to Colorado Springs, CO. There we toured the US Air Force Academy and went to the top of Pikes Peak. We then drove to NM to start our backpacking trek. On the hike we climbed to 12,400 ft to the top of Mt. Baldy. This trip was the best trip I have taken and don't expect anything else I do to come close to it/

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    How to order a pizza:
  1. Obtain phone number of closest location
  2. Decide what kind of pizza you want and what toppings should be on it
  3. Place call and give order to the person at store
  4. Meet delivery guy in parking lot and retrieve said pizza. Tip driver.
Class Name Expected Grade
E115 Pass
MA 141 B
CH 102 A+
Mt. Baldy