Daniel McAdams

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I go to NC State University. I am planning to dual major in paper science and engineering and chemical engineering. My anticipated graduation date is Dec. 2020.

Why paper science?

I chose to do paper science because I was talked into it. I didn't know what I wanted to do within engineering, and they were trying to get more students in the program and they convinced me I should do it. Once I graduate, I will probably be a process engineer in a paper mill.

ClassCourse TitleSemester
CH 221Org Chem IFall 2017
CHE 205Chem Proc PrincsFall 2017
PSE 212Paper PropertiesFall 2017
CHE 225Chem Eng AnalysisSpring 2018
PSE 371Pulp Proc AnalysisSpring 2018