It's About Time You Showed Up

My name is Dylan Bryan. I am a freshman pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I chose Computer Science because I found HTML code and really enjoyed working with code. It sounds kind of lame but I love it and it can be pretty hard but hey, I'll be rich one day. HTML is one of the easiest languages to work with.

My favorite hobby is longboarding. I also really enjoy soccer. I'm not sure why these things say 5-7 sentences, everyone is obviously going to only type 5. Oh, and Netflix is a great hobby too. Check out a link to it down here.

Check out this station for some sweet tunes.

How to make my favorite sandwich:

  1. Pick up phone.
  2. Call Jimmy Johns
  3. Wait like 10 seconds for delivery
  4. Tip the driver
  5. Boom. Sandwich.
Course Name Expected Grade
Calc 141 B+
Chem 101 B+
Econ 201 A