Welcome!!! My name is Devarsh Shah and I am a sophomore at North Carolina State University. I recently decided I wanted to major in computer science. The reason I chose this major is because I was pretty interested in what my dad work. Also, I took programming 1 and 2 in high school and I was pretty fond of it. I hope to begin working as a computer programmer after my four years at NCSU.
My favorite hobby is probably playing video games. There is a video game in particular called League of Legends that I play a lot. The game is basically a 5v5 online game. The goal of the game is to destroy the enemy base. I usually play league of legends with my friends because it becomes way more fun that way. I've already been playing this game for over a year but there is ALWAYS something new to learn and the community for the game is huge so it never gets boring.

Thumb Watching Videos Everyday!

How To Make My Favorite Sandwhich
  1. Get a loaf of bread and cut it in half
  2. First put lots of American Cheese
  3. Put cucumbers, lettus, pickles, onions,tomatos and olives
  4. Put honey mustard and ranch
  5. Put the loafs of break together and eat

E115 S
CS 224 A
PY 205 B
MA 241 B
ENG 101 B
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