Wedding with Meredith
North Carolina State University

I am currently a student at North Carolina State University pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil Engineering, a degree that I expect to attain in May of 2018. I have considered double majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering, but that change would add on an additional semester of study at NC State, but will be considered as it relates to finance.

Civil Engineering Therein

I have always felt that I was suited for engineering, having quickly absorbed mathematics and physics. Civil Engineering origionally stemmed from my interest in bridge design, but as I have made the plans for my life, water resources and renewable energy stand out. This is because it is my intention to provide aid abroad through Engineers Without Borders or Peace Corps. For the past four years, I have directed all of my academia and work towards that goal.

Fundementals of Environmental Engineering CE 373 FALL 2016
Hydraulics CE 382 FALL 2016
Statistics for Engineers ST 370 FALL 2016
Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials MSE 200 FALL 2016
Mechanics of Solids CE 313 FALL 2016