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My name is Dylan Woodard. I am currently a freshman in the first year college. Being in the first year college means that I am undecided but i have already amde up my mind about what i want to go into. The major which I intend to choose is Biological Engineering. I want to do this because i have a love for agriculture and have always thought that engineering would be a fun career choice. But if i cannot get into this then i will go into animal science.

My favorite hobby is to go hunting. The thing that i like about hunting is that you can go out in the field and hang out with friends and have a good time shooting guns. I like to go duck hunting more than any other type of hunting because it is action packed and you dont really have to be still or be quiet. But my next favorite type of hunting is turkey hunting because turkeys are very beautiful and i enjoy hunting them. Then my third favorite hunting is deer hunting but you have to be really still and quiet to hunt them.
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How to make My favorite sandwich
  1. Get two pieces wheat bread
  2. Add mayonnaise to both pieces of bread
  3. Add generous helpings of turkey to one slice of bread
  4. Add lettuce and tomato
  5. Close sandwhich and enjoy

  6. Class Expected Grade
    ARE 201 A
    PY 205 C
    USC 102 A+

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