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Hello, my name is Cole Faircloth. I am a freshman in the first-year engineering program. However, I am in the process of switching my intended major from biomedical engineering to zoology. I decided to switch into a life sciences major because it will better prepare me for medical school, since I want to become a doctor. I specifically chose zoology because I have a deep interest in the animal sciences.

My favorite hobby is practicing martial arts, especially karate. Currently, I am ranked 3rd Degree Blackbelt. I have been doing karate for ten years now, and have been teaching it for four years. At the time I left my hometown for NCSU, I had 120 students, aged 5-45. I plan to continue practicing karate for as long as I physically can. I'm even enrolled in a karate class at State now!

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  1. Knead Dough
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CH101 B
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MA141 B
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