The Life and Times of Daniel C. Hackney

Welcome to my Page

My name is Daniel Hackney. I am a transfer student from Wake Technical Community College. I am a junior according to my credit hours, but I am currently taking sophomore-level classes because my previous institution did not offer any transferable engineering courses. I am honestly unsure about what I want to major in right now. I came into this semester thinking that I would like to major in chemical engineering, but, after taking a CHE class, I have come to realize that I'm not as interested in the subject matters pertaining to the field as I thought I would be. I am currently thinking about taking an additional computer science class to find out if I'd be interested in majoring in it. I feel that my areas of interest would be into software design and engineering, algorithm design, data structure design and database management, scientific computing, and entrepreneurship to tie it all together.

My favorite break from school is winter break. I like it because, well, who doesn't like Christmas and the New Year's celebration? I am especially looking forward to this year's winter break because me and my girlfriend's two-month anniversary is going to be right on Christmas Day!

Glowing Christmas Tree

I love Chinese food. My favorite Asian-based dish has to be good ol', simple chicken and broccoli with beef fried rice. My favorite animal is the axolotl. The axolotl is a rather interesting-looking salamander that can only be found in Lake Xochimilco in central Mexico. The axolotl is critically endangered due to urbanization, and this is rather unfortunate because the salamander looks really cool due to the fact that it kind of looks like a Mudkip. I like Mudkips.

My top two favorite websites are the following:

Website #1

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Website #2

Pokemon Showdown logo

Pokemon Showdown

A List on How to Make the Best Sandwich Ever

  1. Get a piece of breaded skirt steak

  2. Top it with meat sauce

  3. Put the steak in between a crusty Turano French roll

  4. Dress it with you choice of cheese

  5. ?????

  6. PROFIT!

BEC 220
FLS 101
CHE 205
E 115