You have now entered Dustin's World. Prepare to be amazed (maybe).

My name is Dustin Hawn. I am a freshman, and I'm currently looking to double major in mechanical and aerospace engineering. I chose both majors because I would like to go into the weapons industry. With aerospace, I can work on rockets, jets, that sort of thing. With mechanical, I can do just about everything else. It is only a few extra classes to double major, so why not.

My favorite hobby recently has a lot to do with my intended field. I have been doing some gunsmithing lately, and I really enjoy it. It allows me to learn how things work, while also getting my hands dirty. I'm all about hands-on stuff, so it's right up my alley. Another benefit is that I will have a head start and something to show when I apply for a job in the weapons industry, since I already have some experience with it.

“ZR2” Resume
  1. Cut bananas into slices
  2. Spread peanut butter onto bread evenly
  3. Lay banana slices evenly on peanut butter
  4. Put other slice of bread on top
  5. Enjoy
Class Expected Grade
CSC 113 A-
ENT 212 A+
ET 120 B+