Greetings and Welcome

My name is Daniel Cisneros. I am currently a freshman. My intended major as of right now is Civil engineering. I chose this major because it is one of the few majors that has visual pay offs. I also like this major becuase it deals with constructing various objects.

My favortie animals is a dog. More specifically, I like Pitbulls because they are very engergetic and friendly. While some people have common misconceptions about these dogs, they are indeed some of the most loyals animals out there. I personally had a pitbull before and her name was Nala. She was white with light brown spots all over her body.

We Are Paramore

How to order pizza

  1. Decide the place you want to eat from
  2. Call them and decide Pick-up or delivery
  3. Tell them your pizza toppings and any sides
  4. Wait for them to call you or meet you
  5. Enjoy
Class Grade
Music 180 A+
Calculus 2 A
Religion 300 A+