Welcome, I am Diana Lopez Valadez

Diana Lopez Valadez


My major is Chemical Engineering. I am also getting a minor in Chemistry and Math. I am getting my degree from North Carolina State University. Finally, I anticipate to graduate on December 2018.

Reason for Pursuing Major

The reason I choose Chemical Engineering is because I love chemistry and math. Also, because there are multiple areas to explore in the field. You can focus on one ceratin area and then change it if you decide that is not for you without having to get another degree. With my degree, I plan on getting my master's and furthering my education.

Skills Related to Major

Class Course Title Semester
Chemical Process Principles CHE 205 5
Quantitative Analysis CH 315 5
Quatitative Analysis Lab CH 316 5
Physics for Engineers and Scientists 2 PY 208 5
Physics for Engineers and Scientists 2 Laboratory PY 209 5