Darius McFarland's Resume!

Picture from Goodnight Scholar Interview day

Current Education

I'm currently an Engineering First Year Student at NC State University. My intended major is Computer Science, and my anticipated graduation date is May 2020.

Why Computer Science?

I've decided to pursue Computer Science for a few reasons. One reason is I've always been fascinated by what computers can do and how easy they make our daily lives. My dad is also a Computer Science major, and I've always been interested in the work that he does. Understanding how to use computers effectively also has always come easily to me, so it just feels natural to pursue a degree in an area that I find interesting and understand. I intend to focus on network security because as computers become more involved in our lives, there is an increasingly high chance that our personal information will be captured by someone that gains access to a network that holds it. By focusing on network security, I can help decrease the chances of things like that from happening.

Special Skills

Relevant Coursework

Class Course Title Semester
CSC 116 Intro Comp - Java Spring 2017
CSC 216 Programming Concepts - Java Fall 2017
CSC 226 Discrete Math CSC Fall 2017
CSC 230 C/Software Tools Spring 2018
CSC 316 Data Structures CSC Spring 2018