E115 Is Cool

My name is Daniel Charles Phipps. I came into college with my major as first year engineering undecided. As the year is continuing and I am getting more exposure to Physics through PY 205, I think that Physics based engineering will be the best fit for me. I have not totally decided, but I am leaning most towards Mechanical, Civil, or Industrial engineering. In order to decide which of these I want to do, I am going to talk to as many students as possible who are in these majors and see how they are liking it.

One of my favorite hobbies that I have recently adopted is Raquetball. Throughout High School I played a lot of tennis but had never given Raquetball a try. Within my first few weeks of being on campus I played a couple times and fell in love with it. I now try to play as much as often so that I can learn the game and develop my skills. Raquetball is a sport with a very high skill cap so I think that it wil be a good sport to learn because there is no limit.

Moodle WebAssign Is Bae
Class Expected Grade
E101 B
E115 S
EC201 A-
MA141 B
PSY200 A
PY205 B
PY206 A
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