Learning more about Dan Craig

My name is Dan Craig and I am currently junior at NCSU. I am in the Civil Engineering program, specializing in structural. I am interested in the steel design aspects of the construction engineering field. I have wanted to be an engineer all my life and have always been interested in how things work. I may not be the best at it, but i love what I am leaning here at NCSU.

I am currently working as a product representative for an energy drink company out of San Francisco. My Job is to meet with local grocery store leadership and buyers to discuss promotions and product shipments and displays. I would love to build a quiet career in structural engineering here in the Raleigh area.

picture of me

Classes at NC State I will enroll in

  1. CE313
  2. MSE200
  3. CE342
  4. CE382

Clubs I am interested in

Name of club Webpage of club
Alpha Omega Epsilon Aoegamma
American Marketing Association at NCSU AmericanMarketingAssociation