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Hello, my name is Daylon Slagle. I'm a freshman in the college of engineering. I plan on majoring in either computer or electrical engineering, or possibly both. I decided to pursue these majors because I have always been using computers. So I figured if I use computers so much I should make a career out of it. Also most engineering jobs pay very well.
When I'm not busy doing school work, I like to play video games. I've been playing video games since I was a little kid. I remember one of the first games I played was Crash Team Racing. I really like that game. Now, however I mostly play games on Nintendo systems like The Legend of Zelda and Fire Emblem.
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  1. Assert whether or not you are hungry.
  2. If you are hungry then think about where you want to order pizza from.
  3. Find the contact info for the business you will order the pizza from.
  4. Contact the business and order your pizza.
  5. When the pizza arrives pay the delivery man and eat your pizza
Class Expected Grade
Calculus III A
Intro to Public Speaking A
Physics 206 A