Dustin Souders

My name is Dustin Souders and I am a sophomore studying to be an electrical and computer engineer. I started my college career as a business major wanting to run restuarants and nightclubs when I graduated. This looked like a good career but I never thought that I would enjoy it very much. I grew up taking things apart and trying to fix everything that broke as well as working on cars night and day. I loved the creativity that it involved and the logic puzzles that it created but I never saw it as a career until I watched the movie Iron Man. After seeing what the main charachter, Tony Starks, could do with his degree in electrical engineering, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I talked to a few engineers and everything they said about their career excited me. I immediately changed my major and have been working towards being an engineer ever since.

I have never been the type of person to dress up for halloween, but if I were to dress up I would probably dress up as Popeye the sailor man. Halloween is about having fun with your friends and laughing at the crazy costumes people decide to wear. I like to make people laugh so i think it would be awesome to dress as him. Popeye had a crazy speech impediment and was a goofy looking guy. I think it would be a blast to dress as Popeye with his giant forearms and carry a can of spinach with me while i got to talk in a crazy voice. I might just have to try it this year.

In the spirit of Iron Man 2 coming out next month and how excited i am to go see it, i figured this was a good choice.

Since I use google about 30 times a day, I figured it was the best choice.

Here is my webmail account.

Why I Hate Football

  1. Football is a boring sport.
  2. There is too much stop and go.
  3. There is not much skill involved in running into someone holding a ball
  4. The games are WAY too long.
  5. Soccer and Baseball are way better sports
Class Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 B-
English 201 A
PE 101 A
E 101 A
Computer Science 133 A+
E 115 B+