Pastries and Cakes and the Likes

My name is Duncan Whinna and I am currently a freshman. My current majors are history and some engineering. The reason I chose History is I've always enjoyed reading about and discussing it, engineering because I feel capable and its economical. I know this is a somewhat sub-satisfactory reason but hey.

My favorite animal is probably the leopard seal. I just feel it is an under-appreciated animal in general. It is one of the most efficient aquatic predators, only really seeing a rival in orcas. People generally don't see seals as predators so I feel the leopard seal needs some love. It's also still pretty adorable, if a touch terrifying.

  1. Remove pizza from box and plastic covering.
  2. Insert pizza into oven.
  3. Set oven to recommended temperature and being watching television.
  4. Remember you forgot to take the cardboard off the bottom, hurry, take it of now, its probably not so hot as to require mitts.
  6. Run cold water over burns.
  7. Return to television watching.
  8. Realize its been 40 minutes longer than the recommended time, you should have set a timer eh.
  9. Remove pizza, this time remembering mitts, balancing it between a plate and a knife.
  10. Use said knife to cut into atrociously uneven slices, claim the largest for yourself should you have company.
  11. Enjoy your slightly burnt meal, protecting it from your dog like a lion protects an antelope from hyenas.
Classes Grade
NS 110A
HI 205A
STS 302A