Daniel Wiebke
Freshmen at NC State

"The road that I travel is not a rode traveled by many so that makes it an adventure"


I am Daniel Wiebke. I am currently a freshmen
that hasn't matriculated into the Aerospace program yet.
I chose Aerospace because I like airplanes. I am fairly
proficient at physics and therefore likewise with the laws of Aerodynamics.
As such I wuld love to design aircraft someday.

NC State could rival Franklin Street more effectively if it were
better equipt. Hillsborough doesnt have the shops and stores that
downtown Chapel Hills have. The places on Hillsborough do try
very hard to support Halloween despite the lower number of establishments.
There is not much else State can do to promote Halloween,
Franklin Street is just better suited to handle Halloween, just as we are better
suited to win football and basketball games.

Mail Daniel Mr. Maners

College Football Teams

  1. Penn State Nittany Lions
  2. Virginia Tech Hokies
  3. NC State Wolfpack
  4. Boston College Eagles
  5. Maryland Terrapins
Class Grade
CH101 B
CH102 A+
HI252 B
MA141 B
E101 A+
E115 A
ENG101 C+
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