A Journey begins with a first step. What is your first step?

My name is David Cho and I am currently a freshman at NC State. As a member of class of 2019, I hope to graduate with a bachelors in Chemical Engineering. People ask me why did I choose such a difficult major to study? Well, it all started in my high school chemistry class. I was in after school tutoring and my chemistry teacher suddenly asked me what class do I enjoy the most. I honestly replied that chemistry was the class i enjoyed the most. My chemistry teacher than began talking to me about how her son was actually a chemical engineer who works for BP. Her son is able to travel across the world and visit all the places where BP had a company. This sparked my passion to become a chemical engineer.

My favorite hobby since I started attending college would have to be going to the gym. The best perk of going to the gym is that it really passes the time by doing something beneficial for my health. I am able to avoid boredom and keep my body fit. The best perk about my hobby is that it keeps my body and mind strong so I will be able to handle the college workload without bursting into tears. Also, its pretty cool seeing your body develop overtime.


Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza from Papa Johns

  1. Go to Papa John's Pizza Website
  2. Click on "Specials"
  3. Fill out address for carry-out
  4. scroll down until you see Papa's signature specialties
  5. Click "Order Now" for Hawaiian BBQ Chicken
  6. Click "Add to Cart"
  7. Add drinks or side dishes then click "View my Cart"
  8. Click "Check Out"
  9. Enter personal and payment information
  10. Enjoy!!!

  11. Classes Expected Grade
    EC 205 95
    CH 101 93
    MA 141 94