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My name is Dylan Jackson. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I chose to major in the First year engineering program, with an intent in chemical engineering. I have always loved math and science in school, and especially chemistry. My aunt is a chemical engineer, and she told me about her job, which sounded interesting, so I chose a chemical engineering intent.

My favorite hobby is definitely the sport of baseball. I have been hitting a ball with a bat ever since I was big enough to hold the bat on my own. In high school, I played for the team my freshman and sophomore year. I played left field and second base for the school, and occasionally played short stop in travel leagues. It was my favorite pass time, and I can't wait to play it at NCSU.

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My favorite sandwich

  1. Go to a sandwich shop
  2. Order a ham and turkey sub/sandwich
  3. Pay for sub/sandwich
  4. Eat sub/sandwich
Class Grade
CH 101 A-
MA 241 B
E 115 Pass
baseball pic