Welcome to the World of Me

My name is Dondre McCaskill and I am a freshman in college. The major that I picked is Computer Engineering. The reason that I picked Computer Engineering is because even from a young age, I was interested in video games and technology. This interest grew into me wanting to work with both hardware and software in the construction of my own inventions. In addition, computers and how they work are of great interest to me.

My favorite animal is an owl. The reason that the owl is my favorite animal is due to what it represents. The owl is seen as wise and intelligent. In addition, there are magic connotation that are attach to the animal. This makes the animal very interesting to me.

Ultimate Search
    How to order a pizza
  1. Pick up a phone
  2. Dial the number of a pizza place
  3. Wait for the pizza to arrive
  4. Pay for the pizza
  5. Enjoy
Courses Expected Grade
Discrete Math Intro to Computer Systems Calculus I