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My name is Derek. I think dinosaurs were quite possibly the coolest animals that ever lived. I feel that it is too bad that they had to be wiped out by a meteor, ice age, or other such catastrophic global events.My favorite color is blue. I enjoy the always delicious Taco Bell, and I like to imagine my Jesus like a ice figure skater wearing all white, doing an interpretive dance to my life.
My Favorite Foods Some Dinosaurs
Raaaaaaaaaaar You can say that a thousand more times, and it would never be enough!

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300 is quite possibly my most favorite movie at the moment. It is, in my opinion, the best "Man Movie" ever. It has just enough story to set up for action, and then the action is breathtaking. All of the fight scenes are done perfectly, switching between real time, slow-motion, and fast forward. And even though the main focus is on the main character, there is also action in the background. This movie is so great, I can't imagine someone leaving the theater, thinking that the movie was only "OK".
Triceratops, grrrrr!stegosarus, roooarRaptor, growl!
This is a TriceratopsThis is a StegosaurusThis is a Velociraptor