Welcome! E115 InClass Week 8

Hey! My name is Daniel, a Business Administration major, and a Sophomore at NC State. I hope to double major in Statistics next semester. If I work hard and plan well, I can get the double major and still only take four years. I've thought about Grad. School and played around with the idea of Economics or more traditional Science so I could possibly do research with my Stats degree. I think researching new things and contributing back to our knowledge is extremely fulfilling. I've also thought about going a more political route. I think our politics could do more with trying to do what is right for everyone, instead of money or certain groups.

My favorite hobby would probably be physical fitness and the outdoors. I love doing activities like rafting, kayaking, hiking, playing sports, and lifting. I've been lifting since I was 16. I injured my back with a slipped disc and have had to take it easy ever since, but I still love the sport and how my hard work translates into an easy to see accomplishment. Lifting helps define who I am and taught me a lot of valuable lessons. Staying active is a lifestyle I hope to keep.

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  1. Put two pieces of bread on the counter
  2. Bring Peanut Butter and Jelly next to the bread
  3. Use a knife to spread the Peanut Butter on your first bare piece of bread
  4. Use a spoon to spread the Jelly on the naked piece of bread
  5. Press both coated pieces of bread together
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Name Major
Daniel Craig Business Administration