Welcome to Douglas Curcio's HW

Current Schooling

My name is Douglas Curcio and I am currently enrolled at North Carolina State Univeristy. I am still undecided on a major, but am looking into the fields of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Enviromental Technology. Assuming I pick a major by next semester I would be able to complete my college by then end of 2019.

Future plans from education

I'm struggling to figure out a major and your asking me these sort of questions. The reason I'm looking into Enviromental Technology, is because I prefer to work outside and in changing enviroments. As for the Engineering fields I decent at math however, physics is proving to be a nuisance. I spent five years as an IT specialist and I was hoping that one of these majors might find me a new direction.

Class Course Title Semester
CH 101 Chem Molecular Sci Fall 2010
MA 141 Calculus I Fall 2010
MA 241 Calculus II Fall 2016
PY 205 Physics Engr I Fall 2016